Friday favorite {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Everything is better in twos!


New line up! {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Oh man… I have *got* to get better organized when it comes to blogging here on my wee little website. It is just one of those things, like mopping, that too often gets dropped off the to-do list in the interest of catching a few hours of sleep. Six and a half kids, a business that continues to grow beyond my wildest dreams, an international adoption and the piles of paperwork are no joke and keep me busy!

Goal setting is about the only thing that stands a chance of keeping me focused, so I am setting a measly goal of two posts per week with the themes of “my view Monday” and “Favorites Friday.” Both are pretty vague.. Mondays may be my view from my editing desk or my view from my family life or anything in between, since, working from home, the two often overlap. Favorites Friday may be my favorite image of this week (which is this week’s story!) or something that I have discovered to make life easier or more beautiful, or even a recipe to make it yummier. I hope that I continue to be inspired and then post more, but I will set and hopefully rise to this teensy goal!

I don’t want to close without a picture, so I am counting this one as my favorite of the week. I just love everything about it… the love between a new daddy and his daughter, the sweet open eyes, the beautiful tattoos, all of it. Definitely my favorite this week!


Fall family mini sessions {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I cannot freaking BELIEVE that another fall season has come around already! This time last year, many of you met my sixth baby, Henry, during your family session as he came and went for a snack in between families and this year I am scheduling the last images that I will take before delivering our seventh child at the end of October. CRAZINESS and I blame you, newborn families! :) Your little ones are such a delight to capture and spend time with that it just rubs off on me, I guess! #babyfever

To schedule your family session, email me at with three date choices (in order of preference). I will email you back with a confirmation date and an invoice for the $50 retainer fee. I am super excited to offer three choices this year in goodies… a canvas, holiday cards or digital files!

I know there is always concern when a professional that you are working with is close to delivery, but rest assured, all of my children have been born at 42+ weeks and I am certain that this wee one will follow his sibling’s lead. However, if he chooses to not torment his mother, I have a history of returning to work a few days post partum (I hope my OB is not reading this!)… in many ways, it is more relaxing than being home :) If I had to reschedule because I was literally delivering, I left early November, when the leaves are still beautiful, to capture any overflow/reschedules.

I can’t wait to see all of your beautiful faces and check in with all of those growing babies this year!

web2015 fall

My favorite thing {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I love new babies. I love their yawns and their furrowed brow and their tiny fists that they clench close to their face. I love their cowlicks and their gummy accidental smiles and their surprise at moving their limbs, used to being cushioned inside of momma’s belly.


But my very favorite thing in the birth of a family. People often ask, since we have so many, if you can ever love your second (or sixth or tenth) child as much as the first. OF COURSE, I always answer. Love just multiplies. But your first is always so special… they make you a mommy and a daddy.

{more to come of this sweet session after mommy and daddy come for their reveal!}

Baby C {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Baby C is such a delicate little lady. I loved her precious little lashes and adorable, perfect face. I so enjoyed our time together! {And her parents were super awesome, too! :) }

web_MG_2020 web_MG_2023 web_MG_2044 web_MG_2065 web_MG_2079 web_MG_2080 web_MG_2087

Baby L {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Not that long ago, I was photographing baby L’s brother and sister! He is one loved and lucky little man.. and positively adorable, too!

Welcome to the world, precious baby!

web_MG_2978 web_MG_2994 web_MG_3026 web_MG_3064 web_MG_3085 webb_MG_3032

Generations of Women OB/GYN {Fredericksburg Va newborn photographer}

I am SO super excited to announce that my work will now be displayed at Generations of Women OB/GYN! Plus,¬†for all new clients there will be a special gift from their office to use at my studio. Even better, right? So run, don’t walk! They are a group of remarkable doctors who care so much about their patients… and there are CUTE babies and BEAUTIFUL mommies on the wall!

With the huge canvas order and a step stool and gusty winds, I did not drag along my big girl camera, so forgive the Iphone-ography, but here is a peek at the displays for my clients :) I am sure you will see lots of familiar faces! Also, this was the first half installation, so when the next round is installed, I will take real photos!

522154_10204721887699758_7982812403303972180_n 934743_10204721893219896_214009878080793997_n 1503413_10204721894539929_7588040149052899455_n 1904111_10204721892459877_2774220609539509554_n 1966751_10204721892979890_5202292496444837610_n 10402018_10204119179793683_1144677500973162009_n 10426590_10204721888259772_798339723709743128_n 10440270_10204721894179920_406149869680796122_n 10440274_10204721892179870_414472138514010140_n