I Picture Hope- Jaimie

Meet Jaimie.

Like all of us Mommies, she did not have time for a lot of things.  Hot baths.  Long lines.  Girl’s night out.

She also did not have time for breast cancer when she was diagnosed at just 27 years of age, days before her son’s second birthday.

But she fought hard and won.  For herself, yes, but also for the little boy that called her ‘mommy’ and a son yet to be born.  For everyone that loved her, that she loved and that she had yet to meet and fall in love with.

We have an idea of “hero” in our mind.  Maybe a man in camoflauge.  Or with a scalpel.  Or behind a great big desk in the oval office.

But often times, heroes are women fighting a war in their own bodies.  Women who hang pink ribbons high and wear them proud.  Who get tattoos celebrating their victory even before they have won, because they know that they will (like Jaimie’s “survivor” tattoo).

Jaimie is a hero.  A survivor.  An inspiration.  I am so glad to have met her, to know her, and to get to share her story with other women who are heroes.

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