Preschool pictures

It was my great pleasure in October to photograph my son’s preschool.  These parents were kind enough to allow me to share their cute faces on my website and I so appreciate it because it just makes me smile to see them all.  (And that cutie in the upper right hand corner is my son.  He was “star of the week” so I kept his prized star on for pictures!)


I delivered the pictures today and was a little sad to see the close of this big undertaking because it was really a lot of fun (and hard work!)  But I am thrilled to have raised $230 for the preschool program! That is a lot of crayons!!


If you have a child in preschool, let your director know about my preschool picture program! $7 of each package goes directly to the school and there is no expense to sign up.  Parents also love having beautiful pictures to commemorate those precious preschool years.  And I love this age! So we all win!

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