52 week photo challenge! Week one…

I am participating in a 52 week photo challenge.




Because, like any time that you do something that you really and truly LOVE, you need to make time to do that something just for fun.  So grab your camera and follow along! You can share your own pictures on my facebook page (see the link at right).  I would love to see them!


This week was “Inspiration”…Here is my inspiration for every single thing that I do.  They inspire me to bite my tongue.  To pray hard and from the bottom of my heart.  To be kind to others in hope that others will always be kind to them.  They inspire me to pick up my camera, even when I am tired from a busy day of shooting, because I know that the moments of their littleness only come one time.

The each inspire me in a different way.  Noah (12) inspires me to giggle a little. Emma (10) inspires me to reign in my emotions. Aidan (8) inspires me to treat others with compassion (he is autistic) Owen (5) inspires me to laugh at myself (or he will) and Ava (3) inspires me to wear high heels and lipstick because we are all, in fact, princesses.


What inspires you?


Next week’s theme is Make-Believe.  I will share mine on Friday!

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