Meet your photographer and the first giveaway of 2012!

Yep…that’s me.


I am Steph.  I love photography, my family, white wine and fabulous shoes, not always in that order.


I am a talker.  And a hugger. A maker of weird faces (obviously….see above)  And a crier.  Sometimes being a part of your special moments will bring me to tears. It is OKAY…I can still see!


So, now that we have met, here are ten random facts about me…


1. I am a mother of five children: Noah, Emma, Aidan, Owen and Ava.  The oldest is 12 and they are all 23 months apart after that.


2. My son, Aidan, is autistic.  I am passionate about autism awareness.  But it also means that whatever your sweet little ones dish out, I have experienced much, much worse.  No need to apologize…I am fine waiting a few and letting them blow off some steam.  If it still isn’t working, we reschedule.  ‘Easy Peasy, Lemon squeezy’ as my kid says.


3. Pink is my favorite color.


4. I went to an all women’s school to be a teacher.  Before that I seriously considered being a nun.


5. I am mentally writing a book and I also blog about life with five kids at  My mental book has not been put to paper yet because I am not sure which direction I will go with it. It will either be a from the heart Mommy memoir or an entertaining book with recipes and party theme/decor ideas.


6. I am a fabulous cook and baker, but my cakes are always crooked.  I make everything from scratch, from bread to bagels to donuts!


7.  I am a runner only because I actually love to run.  My weight factors in there somewhere, but mostly it is the amazing feeling when you feel your stride open up and your lungs heaving in air and you literally feel your stress melt away.  Best feeling ever that more than justifies the agony of actually putting on your shoes.


8. I cannot speak without my hands waving all around.  It is amusing to watch sometimes, I am sure.


9. When I was a little girl, I used to pretend that I was a photographer. I had a 110 camera…hahaha…remember those? I would pretend I was taking pictures of the Bangles (hahaha….remember them?!)


10. I have a soft spot for the underdog.  I always want the ugliest Christmas tree because I feel sorry for it.  Rickety furniture whispers seductively from antique stores (and often finds its way into my car).  I love old toys because I love to imagine the stories they could tell.  I love old books with strangers’ writing in it.  And if I happen to find a stash of old note-cards or an old bank ledger? SCORE.  Which probably explains why I love photography so much…I love the preservation of what once was.


So, enough about me…tell me something fabulous about YOU.  And follow my blog while you’re at it! (Click on “follow” on the right side of this page)


I will be choosing one reader at random to give away a $25 starbucks gift card.  Winner must “like” me on facebook, follow my blog AND leave a comment below.  So go ahead…tell me something about yourself! Make it juicy!

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  1. hey stephanie!!! excited to start reading your blog, and id love for you to do some pictures for natalie and i for her 1st birthday…

  2. haha… well what more can i say… you know alot of my little stories lol. but yeah… I guess I could fill you in on what happened after I stopped watching your adorable little munchkins!

    I called a family friend when I started to get needy for money, he told me to call this guy he knew. I asked what for and he simply said “if you want the job, don’t ask what for, just take it!” So there I was on a tues morning, sitting in a huge garage/shop with about a 250 lb guy, telling me I was going to be his new truckdriver. So I told him, okay, whatever, I’ll try anything once… (to a certain extent lol)
    I then got my Class A CDL and drove a lowboy hauling heavy equipment and the dump trailer hauling stone to and from jobsites for almose 5 years. The economy started to go down hill and so did the work. Unfortunatly everyone was laid off all the way down to his 2 sons and I. Then another winter passed and that was that. No more money and no more work. I grew very close to his family, especiall his 3 sons. Jimmy, 24, Timmy, 22 and Dylon, 18, all very tall and handsome. Jimmy unfortunatly was killed in a terrible accident in fawn lake a year and a half ago and since then things have just been getting worse and worse for their family.
    You know, they would actually be someone who would really appreciate a nice, complementary family portrait and are very well deserving of it considering what they have been through in the last 2 years. Just thought of that….
    Anyway… after that I was on unemployment for almost a year until I ended up where I started…. At the daycare! lol
    ****Somewhere in there… I met Nick Shupe! My other half, Emilyn’s daddy and a million other names i’ve called him in the past 6 yrs. We met when I was 18 but didn’t date til’ I was 20. It ony lasted about 8 months the first time… I got bored. What can I say lol. But after a year of “so called” not being bored, I went back. Now were going on 5 years and May and couldn’t be happier! ****
    Darlene Milstead was still working at the daycare as the asst. director and got me on as soon as they had an opening, 3 months later, I quit! I found out I was pregnant and realized the pay was not worth the back pain… and I was only 3 months in at the time. And well… you know the rest from there because you have been there to capture on camera the little miracle that I live for now.
    She is such a wonderful baby! I couldn’t picture her being any prettier or more perfect than she is! and I never expected to love something soooo much before even being able to hold her. It’s amazing, crazy and absolutely the most beautiful thing in this world.

    Thankyou so much Stephanie for letting me be apart of Emma and Aidens lives when they were younger. I truely wish them the best as they grow older.

    Kellie and Emilyn

  3. Hmmmmmmm a blog, I think I may start one!! I have been writing my book in my head for YEARS, maybe one day I’ll actually sit down and write it, lol. You are such an inspiration to me!! Thank you for being such a great friend!
    Oh and I did it!!! Today is day 5, no smoking! I seem to be a much nicer person. Lol, and we got a puppy!!! I am so excited I finally got my boy!!! He’s too sweet, can’t wait for you to meet him!

  4. Almost a “good mornin” … Mrs. Stephanie. I am a night owl, and that reply/story above; quite an act to follow. I can tell you that I feel very fortunate and blessed to have met you thru my oldest beautiful daughter, Jamie. The pictures that I have seen, that you took of my latest “luvbug” Camryn, are exquisite, very real (meaning, not soooo posed) and precious. You are a gifted person Stephanie, in so many different ways and always seeking to make others feel special.

    Some tidbits about myself…………I married the same man twice(yup, talking about Jamie and Jessica’s Daddy) I NEVER feel like I deserve him nor my beautiful daughters, but cherish them all with every breath I take. I was raised strictly southern baptist, not allowed to even say “pregnant” outloud until I was actually pregnant. I LOVE pickled beets, cornbread in sweet milk, was raised going to sleep every night hearing either, Johnny Carson, Percy Sledge, Otis Redding, or NC beach music. I can’t cook worth a lick, once gave my stockings to some random boys (them in their car, me in a Limo w/girlfriends celebrating my 30th b-day) going approx 65 mph down Rt. 66. I’ve had 21 different jobs and lived in almost that many different houses. I know what it feels like to stand in the pouring rain, looking up, cigarette in one hand and wine bottle in the other and feel like you’re coming apart with every spec of rain that hits you in the face.

    And just one more “secret” among many, many………..I stayed at home alone after school from about the time I was 9 or 10. I missed my Momma so much I would open her closet and just stand in between her clothes so I could smell her beautiful perfume/soap/hairspray/ etc. and not feel so lonely. Your hubba bubba and your babies are very fortunate to have you. Take care and talk to you soon.

  5. Stephanie,

    I am very interested in meeting with you to discuss maternity & newborn photos.
    I am a first-time mom, due at the end of March, and I just love your sample photos. I think you have a great photography site set up and I look forward to reading and following your blog.
    Have a great weekend!


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