Before and After

One of the things that we will discuss at our first meeting is the amount of time it takes from the day you get all dressed up for your session until the day you are sharing your prints with family and friends.  I will tell you approximately two weeks and you will think “What?” and wonder what on Earth takes two weeks about getting images from the camera to the print lab.


Even though today’s photographers use digital cameras, the process is similar still to film days.  A picture needs to be “developed” into a work of art. It all begins with a well thought out shot, like this:

(taken with nikon d200 and nikkor 24-120)


Cute little guy, cute little chair, nice sunny day.


But wait…he has some seriously chapped lips.  And because it was so bright out, I photographed him in the shade to avoid shadows, which means there is very little light in his eyes. And I like to not have the subjects of my photos dead in the center…that is sort of boring.


So, I spent a little time taking care of those poor, sore lips.  Added a little light into his eyes.  Used some photoshop actions to bring out those lovely fall colors, and finally cropped the picture so he is ever so slightly off center.  The result?

A picture that I am proud to put my watermark on, as well as one that I know his momma will have printed and display (Because, after all, he is my boy.)


This picture took about twenty minutes of work.  The average gallery that I show my clients contain 15-25 pictures.  Creating keepsake portraits for your family takes time, but having beautiful memories to hang on your walls is well worth the wait!


I am booking now for March and April!  If you book your session (with $50 deposit) before February 1st receive $50 off your session fee plus buy one, get one free print packages.

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