52 week challenge, week 2

It is only the second week into my 52 week challenge and I am already late…oops.


Better late than never, right?


This week’s theme was “make believe” and I would love to know what you came up with!  In a house with a three year old princess, I thought this one would be a piece of cake. But with the passing of my husband’s grandfather, our usual love of whimsy was missing throughout the week.  We were sad for great grandpa and sad for Daddy and then missing Daddy when he headed out of town for the week.  Dress up was a bare minimum.

But, Paris did beckon from my window-sill. I bought this little ornament on clearance this year.  To be precise, I bought all three that they had.  Two got stored along side the other Christmas stuff, but this little guy got to stay out and sit on my window-sill so that when I am washing dishes, or making dinner, or helping with homework I can imagine all things that I love about Paris: bread, wine and fashion.  So there you have it… Make believe.


Next week’s theme is “Contrast.” See you then!

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