Welcome to the world, Presleigh Michele! (Fredericksburg, VA Birth Photography)

There are so many special moments in my work that bring me close to my clients.  Many have made me laugh, cry, pray and praise.  But being able to capture the birth of a new baby…well that is just goose-bumpy, tear-inducing, forever-in-your-memory awesome.

Jessyca was a maternity client of mine.  Young, adorable and so excited about being a mommy, I immediately adored her.  I was so excited that she decided to have her birth photographed.

We had a few false starts but Wednesday was the day.  I figured it would be because it was the worst day for my schedule, and you know how babies are… always on their timing.   So, naturally, I charged my batteries and packed my gear *just in case* and of course, Jessyca’s water broke late afternoon.


Jessyca had her sweetie, DJ, as well as her mother and brother in the room for support.  Everyone was so excited as we started the waiting game for those last few centimeters.  She handled labor beautifully, smiling through every contraction, even after twenty hours.  She was such a trooper.

After some hard work on momma’s part, Miss Presleigh entered the world.

In an instant, the room shifted and you could feel it. A woman became a mother.  A couple became a family.  A mother became a grandmother.

It was the most beautiful moment.  The cord was cut, the baby weighed, everyone marveled at all of that sweet hair.  I snapped away, so happy my cheeks hurt and eyes filled with tears.

What an honor to be there.  Jessyca, I wish your new family the very, very best.  You will make an excellent mother, and I thank you so much for allowing me to be there with you all for this journey!

Welcome to the world, baby Presleigh!

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  1. so so beautiful! I got all teary eyed just looking through these images and reading your post!

    You did such a fabulous job!!

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