Announcing…my in-home, natural light studio space

I am so, so pleased to announce that I will now be offering newborn sessions in my home studio.  Now new mommies and daddies can choose which is easiest for them: me coming to you, or you to me.

Here are a few pics:

I just love the soft, natural light that filters in… perfect for snuggling sweet babies to sleep…

Here is the finished shot from that set up:

Over the weekend, I posted a challenge on my boudoir fan page to choose five words that best describe Sassy boudoir by Stephanie McFarland Photography.  This was following an assignment from a class that I was taking to choose my OWN five words to describe my vision for/of my own business. The importance is that I want every woman who comes to my Boudoir session to know exactly who I am, and exactly what they can expect from my work.  Boudoir is a powerful medium, one that I am so, so proud of.  It can literally change how a woman sees herself, give her back a feeling that she lost, renew her feelings of “beautiful and sexy.” That is an amazing gift to be able to give, and I love each and every one of my boudoir clients like old friends.

My words are: Classy, Elegant, Sophisticated, Timeless, Beautiful

If you are following along and have three or more matches, message me so I can arrange your free gift!

By the way, any variations are acceptable.  So if you have beauty instead of beautiful or Classic instead of Classy, I will take those, too!



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