Newborn Seth {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Ohh Ohhh Ohhhhh, how I love babies! And in my book, first babies just take the cake.  I love the excitement of a family that was two and is now three.  Makes me all misty-eyed.

And when baby and mommy are this gorgeous? Well…icing on the cake!

Seth has been born into a home of laughter, joy and love, and parents so proud of their little man and their new and beautiful family.

I just loved spending the afternoon with the three of them (and grandma!) and when I came home I just couldn’t wait to snuggle my own sweet ones.

Because the one thing that I try to tell all new parents is that they joy only grows, the love only deepens, the miracle that is them changes from tiny people that belong to you, to bigger people with their own personalities and it is such a treasure to watch those develop.  It is worth each and every sleepless night, every time you trip over a toy, every time you are sick with worry.

It is the greatest blessing ever.

Welcome to the club, Brandon, Donna and sweet baby Seth!

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