Peyton’s birthday {Fredericksburg, VA birth photographer}

When a child is born, a hush falls.  It is as if every person in the room is saying a collective prayer for the new soul making their debut.

Mine went a little something like this:

Welcome, baby girl!  Welcome to a world of love and laughter and two parents that are giddy with the excitement of meeting you.

Know that you are loved, baby girl.  Even when you are a pre-teen and you think that you are not, I can testify that from today, the day of your birth (and even before) you are in fact very, very loved.

Laugh. Dance. Sing. Giggle.  Stay little as long as you can.  Sleep for your mommy.  Pray. Wish. Dream and hope. Believe in Santa.

Have a very blessed life, baby girl.

Baby Peyton arrived after a very long and difficult delivery.  Her Mommy was amazingly strong and her Daddy took such great care of her while they were both anxiously awaiting Momma getting out of surgery.  When I left, I had such joy in my heart…there just are not words.  It is the most amazing thing to witness the birth of not only a baby (which I actually missed due to mommy’s C-section) but the birth of a family.  First babies are so very, very special! Congratulations to Brittney, Brian and sweet Peyton!

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