Emily {Fredericksburg, VA glamour photographer}

I believe in the power of glamour.

I believe in beauty that begins within.  I believe that a smile from the heart is beautiful- regardless of age, size, or whether you have a goofy nose, crooked teeth, double chin.

I believe that goofy noses, crooked teeth and double chins is what makes us uniquely beautiful and that we should embrace them as our secret weapon…Because sometimes the things that we dislike about ourselves are the things that others like. Sometimes we need a fresh perspective.

This is my passion, my calling, my favorite thing about boudoir photography.  I love when women see themselves as others see them: beautiful, elegant, sexy, sassy.

I love capturing beauty and gifting it back to my clients.   “Here you are… look at how beautiful you are…Now go on, Believe it about yourself.” Whoaaaa…awesome….

With all of this in mind, I am thrilled to announce that I will now be offering glamour photography! Each session will include professional make up application, an optional hair stylist, and a one hour session centered around you. Your session can be strictly glamour or glamour-boudoir, and the glamour portion will be available for moms, daughters, sisters, grandmas… you can bring as many generations of women as you wish at no additional charge.  I want to capture beauty, love…the amazing spirit of women.

The “kick off” is THIS weekend in my home studio! You do NOT want to miss out because I will not be offering these sessions at such a discounted rate again.  This is strictly for building a full glamour portfolio, and all images will be used for marketing purposes.  I still have a couple spots left! Call and reserve yours!  540-840-7241

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