Print your pictures!

One of the most asked questions in photography today is “Do I get the disc with that?”


My answer is usually “nope.”


There are a million reasons for that.  Some are business-related, some are personal preference and some are deep down real.


Over the weekend, the most awesome gift arrived from my grandmother.  I had asked for a certain picture for a project that I am working on and she sent me two albums of pictures.  (It also happened to be my birthday, so it was a very special present!)


Flipping through page after page of my family’s story was special.  One of my favorites is from the summer I was 6.  Five generations of women are represented: my great, great grandmother, Big Mama…my great grandmother, Granny, my grandma, my mother and myself.  Just seeing this picture reminded me of the trip to Georgia to visit.  I remembered catching my finger in the chain of the backyard swingset and my Granny lovingly bandaging it.  I can smell the ointment she put on it.  I remember collecting my cousin’s hand me down clothes and excitedly rushing to try them all on and put on a fashion show for my great grandpa.

Decades have passed, but that one picture took me right back.


Would Grandma handing me a disc have had that same effect? No way.  I would have put it with the others, tucked safely away in my closet.  But with a picture, there is no denying the emotion, no putting it off until you have time.  It catches you as soon as you lay eyes on it, and carries you to a place where you are six and so, so loved by generations of women.


So, SO special.


So, while I do sell discs for archiving, please, please print your pictures.  Enjoy them, preserve them, send them to your granddaughters.  It just may be their favorite birthday gift!!

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  1. What a beautiful post! : ) What a special gift. I LOVE it! Prints are wonderful to look through, aren’t they? I cherish the memories they bring back. Very special.

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