LaRose family {Fredericksburg VA family photographer}

The LaRose family made me smile from ear to ear our entire time together.  So much so that at one point, I had to rest my camera on my leg and rub my face a little because it hurt.

They are everything that other families should aspire to.

Mom and Dad, 15 years married and a very obvious and perfect match.


Three adorable kids.


A precious girl.


And just wait until you hear L’s story.  She will get a post of her very own tomorrow, so stay tuned.  She is a warrior.  A heart warrior.  And if I didn’t know that her family adores her so, I would have tried to bring her home with me…she is THAT cute!


The sun was setting on my drive home and I got a little teary.  My job is so, so awesome.  It introduces me to the coolest people and I love when I cross paths with families that I find so inspiring.  It brings me home to my own special people with renewed appreciation for them and reminds me how blessed we all are.

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