A very special Glamour session {Fredericksburg, VA glamour photography}

I was so excited about this glamour session because it was an answer to a modeling call for a beautiful granny.  In my mind, I saw someone that has loved and cared for, built happy memories with and shared knowledge with generations of other women,  inspiring them to be confident and strong and beautiful.  I had not really considered her outward appearance because I knew that the right Grandma would be beautiful outside because she was beautiful inside.

Am I right, or am I right?

Brenda was sent to me by her (just as lovely) granddaughter, Brandi.  When I clicked on the little facebook thumbnail, I was blown away.  She is absolutely gorgeous.

I was so grateful to work with a different generation of woman than usual.  It was so inspiring to me, a perfect example of what I wish to become: an elegant, smiling, beautiful woman who clearly is loving her life.  Beauty is ageless.  Women are beautiful.  20 year old women, 60 year old women, 90 year old women…  I pray we all, at whatever age, spend more time in front of the camera capturing the beauty that is.


Mother’s Day glam specials are available now…treat mom or grandma to a special day of pampering! Starting at $99!

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