Meet Brittney! {Fredericksburg, VA Senior portraits}

Can you believe that the class of 2012 is graduating in only a few short weeks?  It literally seems like yesterday that I was dragging my fabulous 2012 seniors out into the miserable July and August heat for their seniors pictures and now we are starting all over again!

June will bring all kinds of exciting sneak peeks to the blog, so do be on the lookout as my senior reps begin scheduling the first of their sessions.  It is an exciting time and truth be told? I love, love, LOVE my seniors.  What an exciting time in a young person’s life! I remember being a senior and painstakingly applying to colleges and waiting nervously for those acceptance letters.  I remember asking for white towels the Christmas before I graduated.  And picture frames.  And saving my tip money to buy a beautiful bed spread for my dorm.  Man… it was lot of years ago but I remember it so clearly.  Maybe that is why I get so excited for my seniors… I know what they have to look forward to!

My senior rep program is in full swing.  I have four reps and have officially closed this season’s offer.  But, I am accepting 20 more seniors for late summer portraits, so if you or your child is a rising senior, now is the time to get on the calendar!

In the coming weeks, I will be introducing you to my senior model reps that will be advertising for Stephanie McFarland photography at their high schools.  If you are a friend of their and schedule your appointment, be sure to mention their name so they can get credit! Without further ado…meet my first rep, Brittney!

She is so cute! I am so excited for her senior sessions!

Five facts about Brittney:

She plays field hockey.

Her favorite color is purple.

She is still exploring what she will study in college, but is thinking maybe anesthesiology.

She is small but mighty!

She has one of the best smiles…ever.


Welcome, Brittney!

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