Stay tuned and we will return to our regularly scheduled programming

Yesterday was the very first day of summer vacation here in my home.  That means five kids are eagerly waiting for me to set aside my editing and slip into my swimsuit, pick up my tennis racket or resume my role as the monopoly banker.  The beauty of Stephanie McFarland Photography is that I can feed and nurture and grow both my family and my business, and so this summer I will be scheduling myself a tiny bit lighter than usual so that I can make time for all of those things that can’t wait.  Like laughing with my littles until our bellies ache!

Until September 1st, I will only accept two sessions per week.  Also remember that it is a session free summer… no session fees on family/children sessions all summer! (fees still apply for newborn, glamour, boudoir and seniors)

In the meantime, I am glad to have models available all day, every day.  They are not so glad but I am 🙂



Happy Summer vacation! Make magical memories with your family these next 12 weeks!

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