Let them be little {Fredericksburg VA portrait photographer}

Summer vacation is in full swing around here and despite the cries of “I am bored” and “Where can we go?” I am loving having my littles around every day.  However, last night I was feeling a little burnt out.  All of us parents know the feeling… we are trying to do a  hundred different things on top of managing children, careers, households and marriages (sometimes not in that order) and we are tired.  The only thing drowning out the noise of the kids last night was this momma asking “Is it bedtime yet??!”

But once bedtime had arrived and the quiet settled, I remembered that they are only little once.  I snuck in and peeked at each of their sleeping faces and remembered the breath taking beauty of little people being little people.  I remembered that even though some days it is exhausting being a mother of five, a business owner, a wife and a girlfriend, every day of my life is born of my passion to document these growing wee ones- both for my clients and for myself.

Our babies are babies once.  They are chubby-cheeked toddlers once.  Moody preteens? Thankfully just once. High school seniors once.  Newly engaged once.  And coming full circle, expecting their newborns, who will only be newborns once.  Photography is such a beautiful gift to remind us all of the beauty within our every day lives, today when we are asking “Is it bedtime yet?!” and tomorrow when we wish they were still little.

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