Newborn~McKenna {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

If you know me personally, read my blog or follow me on facebook/twitter… then you probably know that I love babies.  LOVE.  Loveloveloveloveloooove babies.  I was so thrilled that Miss McKenna came to my studio to let me snuggle and love on her last week.

How beautiful can one little baby girl be?!

Princess was not a fan (at alllll) of her photo shoot.  We spent three hours trying to calm her and then the stars aligned for a few quick shots and we had to call it a day.  I took 15 pictures, as opposed to my usual 70ish.

But McKenna is a born model.  She gave me some of my favorite newborn shots ever in one of the toughest sessions ever.  I love little girls that are spunky like that 🙂  I do know her Mommy and Daddy will enjoy them and some day, I bet big sister will tell her the tale of having to wait three hours in a dark studio for these images… hahahaha.

HUGE shout out to Kaleigh who was the BEST big sissie in the world…. patient and sweet and a fabulous fetcher of burp cloths!

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