My family {Fredericksburg VA family portrait photographer}

I have been using this spot a lot this year for fall family portraits and could not resist taking my own brood there for a few quick, setting sun, gorgeous light shots to use on our family cards.


There are many, many, many times that I talk (way too much and bore you to pieces) about my awesome kids.  They are 100% the why in my business.  I look at your children as my own for the time that they are in front of my camera, and I try to capture them accordingly, to remember all of the details that I treasure in my own wee ones.

So here they are! You have probably heard that Noah is responsible, Emma is my sassy twin, Aidan is my miracle (healed of Autism), Owen is a naughty but hysterically stinker and that Ava, though nearly four, is the “baby” and spoiled by mommy, daddy and all four of her siblings.  And when she grows up? Yep.  She is going to have 100 babies.  Just ask her, she will tell ya!


Every time that it takes me a little while longer to answer an email, phone call or deliver a package…remember that you are supporting a small business (which helps strengthen our local economy!) and the dreams of a family of seven.  It is such a JOY being part of your family every day so that I can remain an active, work from home, part of my own! For that I am MOST THANKFUL!! 🙂

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