A few of my favorite things…

This time of year makes me sing that song every single time I wrap a gift. I get lots of questions about my favorite things… especially business related, so here are my top fives, business edition 🙂

1. Alien Bee strobe lights and softboxes

alien bee

They are cute, consistent and inexpensive. And they come in all sorts of cute colors.  Enough said, right? You can find them at www.paulcbuff.com

2. The Canon 70-200 f/2.8L IS II lens.  It is my absolute go-to and I just love it.  Sharp subjects, creamy backgrounds, and an arm work out all in one.  I use it every session, except newborns.

You can get yours at B and H


3. Adobe photoshop CS6.  Let’s face it… I photograph bumpy baby skin and women in their undies… photoshop is a necessity.    I use the latest, CS6.  You can buy it at adobe.com.  I wish that I could list every class I have sat through to learn the program… because it did not come naturally to me 🙂


4. Starbucks.  Let’s face it~ owning a business is exhausting some days.  And starbucks obviously contains crack or meth or some other addicting substance because I.  Cannot.  Get. Enough.


5. Girlfriends.  No way could anyone argue that girlfriends are *not* a business necessity.  If you are just beginning in this field, I strongly suggest you align yourself with someone whom you admire.  There is a lot to learn, and often times, they can help you avoid the “what not to do’s” plus they can tell you when you suck.  And I have taken some pictures that SUCK.  We all do.  But I have been so super blessed to have been welcomed into a fold of amazing female photographers that have told me that I sucked when I did and my work has reflected consistent growth for my years in business.  And that as all any business owner/artist can ask for.  So if you can’t purchase anything else on this list… get some photog girlfriends!

These are just my faves…There are many other things to be included… a pro camera body…L lenses (these could get their own post), a speedlight or three, pocket wizards, professional training, baby posers, hats, blankets, wraps, hair bows, buckets, baskets, corsets, jewelry, ordering software, Ipads, did I mention training?  Office furniture, custom logos, paperwork, an accountant, business licenses, DBA filings, etc etc etc etc etc.  But these five things make my work better, my job easier/more enjoyable or feed my addiction…ah-hem, Starbucks.  One of the top questions I was asked was “How much does it cost to begin in this business?” and I always answer, with a very straight face, “around $10,000.” And be prepared that you will re-invest at least that every year after into your business.  This is a very expensive line of work, but the pay offs are huge.  And I don’t mean financially~ I mean knowing that you have frozen time, captured love, shown a woman her beauty.  It’s magic!


I hope that answers some questions… 🙂

What are your top fives?

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