the mommy challenge

Last fall I heard some scary news at the doctor’s office. It scared me in a way that I have never been scared. I think that as mothers, we often worry about something happening to our family, but we feel that we are protected by some super hero cloak that will keep us here forever. But…What if we leave them?

I began to think about my “legacy”… clearly it would be hard drives full of pictures. Journals and notes that I left them. But those are memories of them… what would I leave behind of myself? A closet full of high heels… a box of beloved recipes… and the memory of a mother that kissed them often, red lipstick smearing on their cheeks.

I have no plans to leave them, of course. But some day … we all leave. I want to leave my children pictures of me. Despite the fact that photographers are notoriously uncomfortable in front of the camera, and I am no exception, I want them to have photographs that bring them the same joy that the photographs of them bring me.

I have heard about many workshops focusing on self portraits.. and thought about doing one this year. But like so much in my life, it just didn’t get done. But then I thought of the beautiful video that I shared many months ago and what beautiful memories Jen Thompson’s sons have from it… and I grabbed my daughter, my camera and a tripod. {video is below}

And my 52 week self-challenge was born.

Mommies… take pictures. Of yourself. With your babies. Every week. All year.

They can be Iphone pictures. Hubby can snap them. One of the kids can snap them. You can grab a tripod or use your long arms. But every week, grab a picture of you, your kids, doing whatever you do. I will start sharing mine here and you can always find them on facebook if you follow me there. Share yours, too! I would love to see them!
web IMG_5667

*****SO here are the “rules”****
1. Take your picture any day of the week and blog it, saying that you are participating in the 52 week mommy challenge at
2. share your blog link in the comments on MONDAYS {There will be a blog posted right here Sunday nights/Early monday morning of my own picture for you to share yours)
3. I will add your link to the main body so everyone can see your portraits
4. Share the love!
5. If you wish, you may also share your pictures in the “mommy & me” album on my facebook page!

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