Victoria {Fredericksburg VA glamour photographer}

I loved my time with Victoria. She has the best laugh and the kindest heart. She is adorable but her smile/infectious laugh transform her from cute to stunning. She is a gal who should smile…always…because her inner beauty just pours out.
web IMG_5609
Like everyone that participated in the One Billion rising day of glamour, though, she has been hurt by someone she loved. Words are very powerful things, and they have been used to hurt Victoria. But somehow, she realized that their words only mean something if she lets them hurt her. So she chooses to see herself as she is: beautiful.
web IMG_5639

web IMG_5645
My favorite line from Victoria is this: ” I am strong and capable, empathetic, I always look for the best in people, and I tell them what I find.”
web IMG_5629
I love this because what she has learned from her experiences is that we should build each other up, always. Go find someone today and tell them the beauty that you see!
web IMG_5617

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