Mommy & Me

My little guy is learning to read. Man… that is bittersweet. He is my baby. I mean, they are all my babies but he is my baaaaaby…a momma’s boy to the extreme and naughty and silly and witty as can be. I know that he will grow into a strong and independent man and that makes me happy *and* sad because I know that I had best eat these years up and hold them close. Because they are going so quickly.

Just to boost other mommies, this is so not a flattering picture of me. I can see how poofy my face is from a cold and being up all night the night before with our littlest. It is an unflattering angle. But in 20 years, I know that all I will notice is a fleeting moment of pure joy, captured. GET IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA!

This week’s mommy & me is all about a boy and his library book~
web IMG_5972

Now, share yours! Below in the comments leave a link to the blog post showcasing your mommy & me image. And visit me on facebook, in the new mommy and me group at: where you can add your photos into the album that corresponds to the date 🙂

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