Stephanie {Fredericksburg VA portrait photographer}

web IMG_5390
Stephanie is gorgeous. Like all of the women I work with, she has an amazing heart and the joy that comes from within makes her even more beautiful. Working with her is so special!
web IMG_5412
Stephanie’s story made me cry. It is heartbreaking to me that a woman SO lovely and amazing, inside and out, feels so badly about herself. In her letter, she said “I would like to feel beautiful again. It has been a long time since I have felt beautiful” and it almost made me chuckle because she is just so beautiful, I wanted so badly to show her how brightly her beauty shines!
web IMG_5438
Stephanie has had a lifetime of bad relationships. I believe it is her amazing heart and capacity for forgiveness that allows her to see the good in people that hurt her, even though she cannot see her own good and that she deserves to be treated better. She is married and a mommy to two beautiful children and she is working every day on her happily ever after. I cannot imagine anyone who deserves it more.
web IMG_5385bw
I hope that her glam session helps her see how gorgeous she really is, so that she can heal a little more and know that she is so valuable and beautiful.
web IMG_5396

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