Beauty by Stephanie McFarland Photography

If you follow me on facebook, you probably noticed a new addition to the line up:
I started a new facebook page for {Beauty by stephanie mcfarland photography} and since doing so, have had lots of emails and messages about what exactly falls under this new header. SO, I wanted to do a quick overview of my new baby and also share a special offer 🙂

A lot of women email me asking if they can do the boudoir experience without the boudoir, sexy vibe. They want the hair, the champagne, the make up, the day of feeling glamorous and amazing, without the lingerie. I absolutely love these sessions, because I feel like I can go a little crazier with the accessories and posing and really create a glamorous and fashionable, magazine-style finished product. It is a lot high fashion, a dash sexy, 100% beautiful… and I think that every woman should do it once in their life.

I am offering a special offer to the first five women who book their beauty sessions… offer

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