Mommy and me {two days late} {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I am a couple of days late on this post, though I did share it on time in my facebook group.

To be honest, we have just been so drained with the flu, sinus infections and colds that I really did not want to take a picture. I had a long day shooting and was exhausted and knew that I looked a hot mess. But I didn’t want to “fail” on the challenge, so I did it. And the power of photography revealed itself to my heart, yet again.

When I look at my daughter, I see my baby.

When I take a shot of us together, I see a young woman.
web IMG_6550

Where I imagine myself a young mother, I see a woman with laugh lines and grey hair (and I earned every single one!) I know that one day soon, my daughter will more resemble the me of my imagination and I will not recognize us any longer as our roles change, when she no longer needs me to care for her and only needs me to listen and talk with.

Pictures…powerful things!

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