I am super excited to enter these prints in the VPPA print competition this year. It was really difficult to choose. I had 6 selected. Then I changed my mind. Then a far more experienced peer said “NO, NO, NOOO!” and I chose six more. These are the ones that made the final cut but this morning I am a ball of indecision and what ifs!

But, I am SO excited for this opportunity to have my work shredded apart, chewed up and spit out. That is a tough thing as an artist, but so essential to growth! Of course… I hope there is maybe something that the judges like about each 🙂

In addition to print competition, I will be attending four days of classes taught by the best in the business and I am super excited to come home armed with ideas to deliver an even better experience to you all!

Wish me luck! (Titles are typed on images for blog only, they are, of course, not like that in competition!)







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