Digital files, and why they are a disservice to you. {fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Hey y’allllls!
I am back from my VPPA convention and ohhh lawdy, I am so full of awesome ideas for improving my business, my art and the experience that I provide my awesome clients.

And I won an award and some ribbons and am feeling so proud of all of the hard work I put in in 2012. I am also feeling so grateful to all of my clients that trusted me with their memories!

The absolute first and foremost item on my list of “to do’s” is dealing with the whole “digital image” thang.

Listen… I love a disc. It is an easier task for me to burn a disc than obsessively hover over every print that leaves my studio, scanning and nit picking any imperfections. It is my most expensive option, which means more money for my studio. I get to package it up all cute-like and give it to you with m and m’s. Discs rock.

But at the end of the day, discs do NOT honor my commitment to you, as my client. Discs are a cop out. It removes the responsibility of the photographer to assist your family in choosing the best of the best and hanging it on your walls. And it is a cop out for you, too. If I had a dollar for every time I hear “We have not gotten around to printing anything yet,” I would be sitting by some clear water and drinking something with an umbrella in it.

No more cop outs at Stephanie McFarland Photography. I just may get a sign that says “Cop out free zone” or is a big circle with digitals written in it and a red line through it. Because from this point forward, there will not be any high resolution discs leaving my studio.

WHY? you ask. Because you deserve better, and so do I. 100% of my clients that purchase prints say to me “They are so BEAUTIFUL in print. I had no idea! WOW!” You deserve to see your art the way that it was intended to be seen. The way that I have calibrated my monitor and my print lab and my camera to all work together in sync with one another to perfectly match the image that I envisioned in my mind. By seeing these images on a non calibrated, non professional monitor or sending them to a non professional lab to be printed, you are not getting your investment’s worth. And that is not cool of me.

I deserve to know that my clients have my work displayed in their homes. Because 70% of my business is word of mouth advertising and referrals, my reputation relies on the quality of my work. I need to retain control over the final product with the utmost care.


If you already have a session scheduled, I will give you the option of purchasing the digital files, because I know that you probably made the decision to schedule based on what you wished to purchase (this applies to baby planners and holiday sales, as well as pre-scheduled sessions).

If you are brand new to Stephanie McFarland Photography, digital files will no longer be featured on my price list. I KNOW that “everyone else” sells them, but I am not “everyone else” and that is why you probably chose me to begin with! I promise you, when your wall portraits are installed…you will be SO glad that I implemented this policy!

“But I want to share them on facebook!”~ Awesome! Guess what?! I want to share them on facebook, too! I also want YOU to share them on facebook. SO now, for every pose that you select to purchase prints from, I will give you, at no additional charge, a watermarked, web size image to share with your friends and family. For a fee, you may also purchase all images from your session, watermarked and web sized, for online sharing.

Thank you SO much for trusting me with your memories! I am always striving to evolve to be the very best photographer that I can be for my wonderful clients. Thank you for sticking with me during the growing pains..I promise it is all worth it!!


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