SNOW! {Fredericksburg VA portrait photographer}

Did you get snow where you live? Here in Fredericksburg we had about six inches fall… and boy oh boy was it falling! I should add that I *hate* snow/cold/grey skies/winter. But something nagged at me and said that if I wanted to gorgeous pictures that I had all planned in my mind…I’d better drag the girls out rightthisminute. I am glad that I did because shortly after these shots, our winter wonderland turned to slush and grossness.

Snow photography proved challenging. Not only due to the ridiculous white reflectors all around but also because it was literally falling from the sky in sheets. My girls and I could barely see and my camera was soaked, which made my belly flop.

It was worth it though! How about you~ did you get any snow shots?
web IMG_6971

web IMG_6976

web IMG_6991

web IMG_7018

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