Introducing…{Devoted} sessions

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This is an idea that has been kicking around in my mind for over a year but I was kind of running from it. I love photographing women and babies…period. But man… I love photographing couples, too. Typically couples will use their wedding photographer for their engagement sessions but a handful of times I have had couples choose me and I always walk away feeling fulfilled and content and blissful. I love capturing a couple’s love. I love knowing that in many, many years, these will probably be some of the pictures that their future generations admire.

I love when you are capturing a soon to be wed couple and you have to kinda cough loudly because, as you move them from one pose to the next, they just get lost… in each other, in their special moment, in their deep and fairly new love for one another.

I so remember that feeling, and I like to think that my husband and I share it still, after nearly eight years. But I also know that marriages change and grow and age, like wine. The lost in each other, starry eyed feeling can be replaced by something so solid and comforting… a routine that you each bear part of. “You get the baby’s juice and I will load the backpacks” only the words don’t need to be said because you two are a team, a well oiled machine.

THIS is the love that I most desire to capture. So every time the idea creeped in, I tossed it aside because I was not quite sure how to explain what a “Devoted” session would be without sounding like a new-age, touchy feely hippie. BUT… if we have worked together, you probably already know this about me, so I decided to just explain it from my deep little hippie heart 🙂

I also have been on the other side of the camera. Last fall, when faced with a major medical scare, I knew that I NEEDED to get special shots of my sweetheart and I. Because we are so, so in love. And I knew that if something happened to me, I would want that love captured to tell our story, even if I was not here to do so.

Devoted sessions…broken down:

WHO? Any couple who wishes to capture their relationship on film. I would say that my “market” would be couple married for a few years, probably with a family (or other demands that have challenged your relationship and brought you closer and stronger together)
WHAT? A 1-2 hour session, with some discussion points to help elicit those emotions
WHERE? On location only, for a more natural feeling (less stress and pressure than standing under studio lights)
WHEN? A special anniversary, before/after the arrival of a child, when your children leave for college… any time that feels special and important to you!
WHY? As a celebration of your relationship, and a time capsule for your children/grandchildren/great grandchildren, etc!
HOW (much)? Sessions will begin at $250, with heirloom products starting at $299

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