Newborn safety {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Ever so often I like to share some behind the scenes shots because I think it is really important to understand that there are no shots that are worth risking babies.

Most of these poses involve a lot of photoshop knowledge and time and the use of multiple photos. In addition, a baby that is wiggly and not fully asleep should NEVER be put into a bucket, basket or bowl that raises them from a soft surface. I have one bowl that is literally two inches off the ground and it is the only one that I use for wiggly babes, and I always use a rug under it. And just last week I had a baby girl roll out of it. If I had not known my limits and put baby’s safety first, she could have been harmed if I had placed her in another prop that was not safe. NEVER promise your clients any particular poses or props because the baby needs to dictate the session, not the photographer or mom and dad.

Also, if you are unsure how to safely execute a pose, don’t guess. Just don’t do it. Newborns are teeny, tiny people, not playthings. I promise you that your clients will appreciate your honesty and that you place their baby’s safety over a shot.

Some behind the scenes from the weekend:



And this:
web IMG_9374

Plus this:
web bts IMG_9375

Equals this:
web IMG_9375

And finally, he was not quite asleep, so this:
web bts IMG_9295

becomes this:
web IMG_9295

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