Ten on Tuesday {Fredericksburg VA portrait photographer}

Two weeks in a row? No way! I am on a roll!

For today’s ten, I wanted to share ten reasons that you should schedule your very own Beauty session~ in case “because I said so” is not reason enough to make the investment 🙂

1. Absolutely every woman should have one day to feel completely pampered and beautiful
2. Some women do boudoir, some do glamour, some wear turtle necks. These sessions are all about YOU and there are no wardrobe “rules…”
3. …but I also don’t leave you hanging. I will help with wardrobe suggestions to flatter your figure and allow your beauty to shine through!
4. An amazing make up artist, who will bring out your very best features
5. They are FUN. We have so much fun here in my studio that my stomach hurts later from giggling.
6. You are the you of today for today only. And we never know how many more “todays” we are given. I had my own session after a health scare that left me wondering what tomorrow would look like. I wanted to capture me while I was still young (ish) happy and strong. And young-ish? YOU are young ish. Most of my clients are between 37 and 55, but I have worked with younger and older.
7. Husbands LOVE pictures of their wives. They send me thank you notes all the time!
8. But most of my clients schedule their beauty sessions for themselves. There is no greater gift that you can give yourself than the opportunity to see yourself the way everyone that loves you sees you every day.
9. It is an awesome excuse to buy fun accessories and new clothes!
10. I accept credit cards 🙂


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