Inspiration {personal}

I had a fab boudoir client in my studio this weekend who also happens to be a photographer. We were chatting about our business and how sometimes it can be hard to balance both the creative heart and a mind for business. Then she said something that really resonated with me. She said that her true love was writing but that she used her camera as a medium to tell a story. Ummm…whoa.

Because while there was a time when I truly identified as a writer, these days find a very spread too thin woman (though happily so!) to identify as much other than what I “do.” I am a photographer, because I love it and it pays the bills. I am a mommy, because there are five little people who make it so. I am a wife because I have the major hots for my partner and I am giddy with gratitude for the love that we share. And when the kids are in school and the house is quiet, and one friday a month, I am a girlfriend because there are so, so many awesome women in my life that make me laugh and cry and snort my pinot when I giggle.

But somewhere, deep in my photographer-mommy-wife-girlfriend soul, is a 16 year old girl that wore doc martens {Haha. Snort.} and carried a notebook everywhere she went because inspiration would strike and words needed to be put to paper rightthatsecond. Who thought that she would attend journalism school and paint with words for a living. Who married too young and divorced not too long after. Who met the real world one day and buried the joy of story telling under the burden of responsibility and bills and Monday morning to do lists. Who stopped looking for inspiration at all in favor of treadmill running and school lunch packing.

Who one day was jolted awake by a conversation with a young woman who has not succumbed to all of the pressures that can smother creativity.

Obviously story telling is a love of mine… through my personal family blog {my death blog as I lovingly call it. You know… in case I die…my kids will be able to read my “voice”} and if you are a facebook friend, you know that I lurve a good status update to tell the story of my family’s many crazy moments. But telling my story through photography… for some reason, this moved me almost to tears. I always try to capture a moment, but there is more to a story than a moment. A story is a living, breathing, growing, thriving, twisting, turning, joyful, sad, stressful, evolving thing. And I want to capture more of it… more than just moments, more of the life of my client’s stories.

Anyway… it was an “a ha” moment that I am so grateful for. I am excited to work harder. To grow more. To tell more stories the way that they deserve to be told. And watch out, world… I just may add a notebook to my purse! (though the doc martens? No way.)

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