Ten on Tuesday {Fredericksburg VA portrait photographer}

I have been slacking on Tuesdays! Today’s edition is: “What I have been doing instead of blogging” hahaha
wm IMG_1061
1. Obsessing over this field. Like major. Every single time that I drive by it, I was itching to pull the car over and capture my children in it. I was not sure, on a sliding scale, how illegal it was and it is at a very busy intersection (though set back a little) and I didn’t feel that it was a one person job. I enlisted my hubby and dragged my cutie into it for a quick mini session but by the time I arranged to take the others, they had mowed it. I am glad that I got a few!

2. My family is wrapping up for the year. Next year will be a huge milestone for us: We will have a HIGH schooler. Geeze oh man. I feel OLD.

3. I have been getting to know my new camera. It feels like a best, old friend now 🙂

4. I have been shooting a LOT of boudoir. Which makes me super, super happy!

5. I have been planning fall sessions: the preschool set ups and also the fall family minis.

6. I have been thanking my lucky stars for my fab new assistant. More on her soon. Hint: it is a face that has graced this blog!

7. I have been down and out with the flu but am feeling so much better this week.

8. I have been wishing that bathing suits came down to the knees.

9. As such, I have been drinking lots of green smoothies.

10. I have been keeping my inbox empty. A huge improvement for me! 🙂

What are YOU doing this week?

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