Window World of Fredericksburg

This is not my every day photography, but when my old boss, Lee Zacek, needed some updated advertising shots, I was super excited to work with him!


Before photography, I sold home improvements and I loved working for window world of Fredericksburg.  It is rare to find a business this day in age that is ethical, responsible, and that does outstanding work for a fair price.  I recommend them to everyone, even though I have not worked there for eight years 🙂


I also love that it is a family business, and I think that because of that, they treat everyone like family, especially their customers.


And now that I sound like a walking billboard for window world, give them a call if you want to save money on your bills or need an updated look for your home.  Tell them I sent you, for no particular reason other than I like them to know that I am still singing their praises all these years later 🙂 (540-834-4244 or online at





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