Expecting {Fredericksburg VA maternity photographer}

I have so many beautiful images from this maternity session to share, but these two really are my favorite maternity images. Probably ever.

web _MG_4888 web _MG_4891

Why? Because they are sexy? No, though they are and many of my clients report to me feeling very sexy when they are expecting.  I was a gigantic pregnant woman but I felt sexy when I was expecting, as well.  As a rule, I capture much more glamour-oriented maternity portraits and that is what my clients seek me out for, so that is nothing new 🙂

I love them because they are so, so organic and celebrate the beauty of new life in it’s most pared down form.  A new mother, a beautiful belly, and a sweet little babe being nourished from her body. As a mother five times over, who struggled to conceive and struggled to stay pregnant, this is the most beautiful opportunity as a woman, and not every woman gets the experience.  It is something to be totally treasured. And this momma did treasure it and I was sooo glad that we got to capture these images! {and it sure didn’t hurt that she is GORGEOUS}

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