Expecting {Fredericksburg VA maternity portrait photographer}

Oh how I loved this session.  I loved this session SO much that I have added river sessions to my permanent line up (well, when weather is permitting).  It just speaks to me and from the amount of inquiries I have received since sharing, it speaks to a lot of you expectant mommas, too.


web_MG_5781 web_MG_5791 web_MG_5825 web_MG_5828 webMG_5770


I have noticed several area photographers offering similar sessions since I posted these images and I would just caution anyone using the river for sessions to understand that the Rappahanock is a very swift moving and dangerous river, with many crags in the floor that make drowning very easy in very shallow water, particularly when combined with clothing and the off centered balance of a pregnant woman.  Please, please, please use caution.  I did a lot of location research before choosing my spot and I work with an assistant at all times so that one of us can be focused on the session and one of us can be focused on mommy at all times. I saw a few images that made me cringe making their way around the interwebs.  No beautiful shot is worth placing a mother in danger.


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  1. I must say I was a little nervous at first but having Stephanie’s assistant by my side and eyes out the entire time made me very relaxed. I even mentioned something touching my leg and without hesitation her assistant told me it was just a minnow she had already seen it before I ever felt it. I will say to anyone doing this type of shoot, please make sure your photographer has researched like Stephanie did. I must say it was a very fun shoot and both ladies were very attentive to the surroundings and my well being the entire time. There is a lot more that goes on behind the scene than just what you see in the photo. Stephanie’s assistant was just about in arms reach of me in every photo! Thank you ladies both for an amazing experience!!!

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