The day you were born {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

“The day you were born” is a favorite game that I play with my own children.  When they are fresh from a bath, settled in for the night, in their softest pajamas, I will remind them of the many ways that *this* day, the day of their birth, was the best day of my life, times five.

As a birth photographer, I am so honored to capture this story in photographs. There is something about a black and white photo to sharpen the edges of memories that do start to soften as time passes, especially when you have a larger family.

Baby M’s story would go something like this:


On the day before the day you were born, Mom was having contractions.  After a few false starts, she realized that today was the day you would be born.  She got her stuff, kissed your big brothers and headed to the hospital.  She labored and she labored and she labored some more.  Hours and hours and hours passed. At some point, the doctor on duty suggested you would be 6 pounds and mom and dad laughed because they knew better.


The night was clear while we all waited: Mom, Dad, Doctors and birth photographers 🙂

Late changed to early and a new day was here. TODAY would be the day, not yesterday.  Progress was slow.  Dad left for coffee.  The photographer rested her head on her husband’s shoulder before deciding maybe she would like a shower before the action picked up later that day.  She headed up the stairs when her phone beeped.  She didn’t plan to check it, she has just spoken with mommy and we had a way’s to go.  But just in case…

web_MG_5494bw web_MG_5496bw

I am ten! Hurry!!!


A fast drive to the hospital and a phone call from mom saying “I am waiting.  I refuse to not have photographs!” later, I arrived out of breath to the third floor to a room of great celebration.  This is my favorite part of birth photography: the great joy that buzzes around the room.


Mom began to push immediately after I arrived and less than ten minutes after I parked my car in the parking lot:


He was born! {Don’t you just love the look on mom’s face? And don’t you kind of hate her that she is THAT beautiful while giving birth? 🙂 }


Six pounds? I think not.  Mommy and Daddy knew all along: he is a big boy!


Baby M was welcomed by his aunts and grandparents and his photographer even stole him for a quick snuggle under the guise of “taking photos.”

web_MG_5688 web_MG_5695 web_MG_5703 web_MG_5716 web_MG_5735

He is an absolute love, joining a family of absolute love.  What a lucky, lucky man. {BTW, this is one of my favorite images of my career.  How awesome is Dad’s face?}

web _MG_5611

Congrats to the R family on the birth of your perfect, precious miracle! Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of the most special day!

web_MG_5743 web_MG_5751 web_MG_5759 web_MG_5762

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  1. So proud to have an outstanding photographer to capture a special moment in our family. Thank you! You are amazing.

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