Big news…

Many of my clients have become friends and many have become like family.  Last year, many of you reached out to me when I shared my health struggles and cancer scare and many have also offered support when I decided to move forward with surgery to remove my ovaries (and uterus while they were at it) but many have known that that decision was extremely difficult for me to arrive at. In fact, it took me a full year of prayer and crying and soul searching.


But God hears our prayers, even when we don’t speak them with our tongues but only say them with our hearts.


Right before my scheduled appointment, I came down with a bad stomach bug that was not a stomach bug but is the most amazing blessing of my life.  We are expecting a sixth and final baby in April and never, ever have I been so humbled by the power of prayers.


So what does this mean for my beloved business? Not much 🙂 I will be closing April 15th and will reopen June 1st.  A great photographer friend of mine has agreed to take my newborn clients during those six weeks that I am getting to know our sweet little miracle and I will be back at it in June.  I have a few commitments during my “off” time and at this time plan to honor them, as well.  I am a veteran new momma, remember 🙂


Thank you so much to everyone for sharing in my happiness these last few years and for all of the blessings you have sent my way.  I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings my family and my business, too 🙂

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