Growing pains {Fredericksburg Va newborn photographer}


“How many posts have I read about growing pains?!” I am sure you are asking yourself.  And some times, I think us creative types feel the same: How much growing do we have to do before we are grown? 🙂 But the thing about a business that is fed by art, passion and creativity is that there is always a new goal to reach, there is always a skill that you can now acquire because you have mastered the building block leading up to it, and there is always competition: yourself and the artist that you were yesterday.  It is rewarding and maddening, all at once!


2010 and 2011 were years of just getting started.  Trying to master my camera. Trying to get my name out there. 2012 was the year of light for me, learning to master the light. 2013 was a year of fine tuning posing and light together (see? building blocks) to tell a story. And I believe that 2014 is the year of expanding on that story telling block to focus my business more on your baby (or belly) and not the photograph of your baby. Let me explain…


I have been a prop photographer for nearly four years. Everywhere we went, my eyes scanned for items I could stuff a baby in, lay a baby on or wrap a baby in. When I was younger, I would study Anne Geddes for hours, marveling over her flower babies, bumble bee babies, pumpkin babies.  And I still think that this style of photography is an art and it is beautiful.  But, as I began studying light more, I began studying master photographers and I found myself drawn to the same types of images over and over again. And there were no props. These images did not tell the story of a baby in a bucket or a baby with books or a  baby in a puppy dog hat.  They told the story of a baby. Pure. Simple. Fresh. Tiny. Miraculous. In need of no embellishment.


Last year at print competition, one of the judges told me that this was what I needed to do: go home and sell every prop that I owned. Capture the baby, only the baby. Specialize in black and white portraits.  I have chewed over that advice for a year now but I think that now that I am carrying my son, I know that these are the images I will want of him and I truly believe that by delivering more of these, I will be delivering true heirlooms to my clients. Images that will not be dated because they are timeless. I never want someone to look at your baby’s portraits and say “Oh, that is so 2010s!”


Speaking of old masters… of the images that I fell in love with in my studies? Many were over 100 years old. And they were perfect. I want the portraits of your baby to be the same way, so I am excited to be transitioning to a cleaner vision here at Stephanie McFarland Photography for 2014. I look forward to creating some beautiful memories for you!


P.S. I am still committed to not raising my prices this year, in fact, I have even added a new goodie in for all sessions in honor of the story telling vision… check it out:

story of yoru baby

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