Baby E {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Some people make new year’s resolutions, but mommas of six who run a business make back to school year’s resolutions! Mine is to not be the prodigal son {daughter} of blogging. I am holding onto so many ADORABLE babies that have not been shared that I didn’t even know where to start. So I started with *this* little cutie who completely stole my heart! {Not to mention that his mommy and daddy are about the nicest people ever… he’s one loved and lucky chap!}


Guess where Daddy played football? That’s right… notre dame. My kids were super excited because they thought I went to notre dame, too.  Sadly, it was an all women’s catholic college who shares the name… Baby E’s notre dame is far more impressive 🙂

web_MG_1424 web_MG_1439 web_MG_1452 web_MG_1459.jpgb web_MG_1460 web_MG_1473 web_MG_1477 web_MG_1493.jpgb web_MG_1498.jpgbweb_MG_146web_MG_1529 copywebOne_Large_Five_Small_Grid


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