Art belongs on walls {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

We were chatting about all of her options when my client said “Wait, so no matter what, I have to order prints? I can’t just get digital files? Because that is all that we are really interested in.”

I hear this a lot. This has become a standard business practice with some photographers, especially those just beginning, because often they have not evaluated the true cost of doing business and it seems like the cheapest way to work. First, it is not. In fact, this is a practice that causes many businesses to drown. A business: a legal, registered, tax paying business cannot keep its’ doors open by giving everything away to it’s clients. My clients are smart enough to understand this and I have never understood why discussing profitability feels so uncomfortable for business owners. If I don’t earn a living, I cannot stay open. Which would mean that I could not capture growing families like this one…


…what an honor that we both, their family and my business, were able to grow together!

Second, my clients hire me to create art, not take pictures. Most of my clients these days have dslr cameras and take pictures of their children often. They are not looking for basic documentation of their child’s growth, they are commissioning artwork of their finest masterpieces: their new babies, their beautiful bellies. Digital files are for pictures, Fine art is for masterpieces. Art belongs on walls.

So yes, you ‘have’ to order prints. Or canvases, or folios, or albums. I want you to walk away from your session with a tangible, beautifully crafted work of art. As your children grow, I want these images to become a part of their story. I grew up in a photography family (my grandfather is a photographer) and for all of my life there was a portrait hanging above our fireplace of me, as a young preschooler, typing on a typewriter (I am old). It is the iconic image of my childhood and many memories are attached to that period of my life. Wall art is a tangible memory and as your photographer, I want to help create exactly that for your family. Your newborn is only 6-10 days old once.

Every collection at Stephanie McFarland Photography includes a piece of wall art. Some also include digital files for archiving, but my wish is that every one of my clients has a beautiful image of their precious baby on their wall, not a disc of beautiful images in a drawer.

By the way: the client I was speaking of called me this weekend to let me know that her wall art is beautifully installed now over her baby’s crib and she cannot imagine not having it in her home and said I could tell everyone, so there ya go!

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