hour by hour photo challege {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

I loved this photo challenge from life unscripted to drop whatever you are doing at the top of every hour and grab your camera. Lifestyle photography is not my norm, I prefer posed and well lit. So it was an awesome challenge to just capture what was there. There are some AMAZING images on their blog, mine are pretty basic, but it fed my creativity yesterday and that is always welcome in dreary January.


And because I like words almost as much as photographs, here is what we were doing:

7:00 am: Snow day! Time to attempt my bible study, coffee drinking and journaling while the baby crawls all over me and the kids anxiously await snowfall.

8:00 am: naptime for this little guy, who woke up at 4:45

9:00 grab a quick treadmill run, while replying to emails because that is how work at home mommas do it!

10:00 My second grader brought this precious drawing in to show me. Love his little heart for Africa and orphans. Goodness… he is just darling.

11:00 crawling and play time with my tiniest guy. Swoon!

12:00 more coffee. STAT.

1:00 nursing snuggles.

2:00 salad, editing and listening to the lifepoint worship CD my friend gave me for valentine’s day… trying to balance the fact that I still have not opened that bible of mine today, despite my best efforts.

3:00 “Guys! You don’t have to get dressed but get some shoes on… we need a starbucks break!”

4:00 big stack of client orders have arrived! Packaging those for pick up.

5:00 While packaging orders, the playroom just could not be ignored any longer. Moved things out to clean and found approximately two inches of human hair. When asked, all kids claim it is not theirs. Whatever. When you have six kids, you are just glad (and self congratulatory) that they know how to work scissors… survival of the fittest, y’all!

6:00 Daddy is home!!!!

7:00 It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It is super Henry!

8:00 baths, showers, teeth, hair, prayers, kisses, bed.

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