Generations of Women OB/GYN {Fredericksburg Va newborn photographer}

I am SO super excited to announce that my work will now be displayed at Generations of Women OB/GYN! Plus, for all new clients there will be a special gift from their office to use at my studio. Even better, right? So run, don’t walk! They are a group of remarkable doctors who care so much about their patients… and there are CUTE babies and BEAUTIFUL mommies on the wall!

With the huge canvas order and a step stool and gusty winds, I did not drag along my big girl camera, so forgive the Iphone-ography, but here is a peek at the displays for my clients 🙂 I am sure you will see lots of familiar faces! Also, this was the first half installation, so when the next round is installed, I will take real photos!

522154_10204721887699758_7982812403303972180_n 934743_10204721893219896_214009878080793997_n 1503413_10204721894539929_7588040149052899455_n 1904111_10204721892459877_2774220609539509554_n 1966751_10204721892979890_5202292496444837610_n 10402018_10204119179793683_1144677500973162009_n 10426590_10204721888259772_798339723709743128_n 10440270_10204721894179920_406149869680796122_n 10440274_10204721892179870_414472138514010140_n

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