New line up! {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

Oh man… I have *got* to get better organized when it comes to blogging here on my wee little website. It is just one of those things, like mopping, that too often gets dropped off the to-do list in the interest of catching a few hours of sleep. Six and a half kids, a business that continues to grow beyond my wildest dreams, an international adoption and the piles of paperwork are no joke and keep me busy!

Goal setting is about the only thing that stands a chance of keeping me focused, so I am setting a measly goal of two posts per week with the themes of “my view Monday” and “Favorites Friday.” Both are pretty vague.. Mondays may be my view from my editing desk or my view from my family life or anything in between, since, working from home, the two often overlap. Favorites Friday may be my favorite image of this week (which is this week’s story!) or something that I have discovered to make life easier or more beautiful, or even a recipe to make it yummier. I hope that I continue to be inspired and then post more, but I will set and hopefully rise to this teensy goal!

I don’t want to close without a picture, so I am counting this one as my favorite of the week. I just love everything about it… the love between a new daddy and his daughter, the sweet open eyes, the beautiful tattoos, all of it. Definitely my favorite this week!


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