Goodbye, 2015

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When my family was in the thick of it’s first “growth spurt,” and we so often couldn’t remember anything beyond what happened yesterday, we would often use the birth of our children as memory jogs. “Oh, that was the year we had Ava and I remember holding her so that must have been around 2009.”

As we grow again, I find myself doing the same and 2015 is definitely the year of the Eli. Fresh on the heels of the year of the Henry, the year of the Eli brought such sweetness to our lives and I was so happy to get to share it with my clients. So many of you trusted me with your precious memories, even as I was slayed with morning sickness and looked a way that probably did not instill confidence 🙂 So many of you checked on my family as my pregnancy progressed and sent well wishes when he had arrived. So many of you are so dear to me, just like family. To call this beautiful experience my work? Blessed. Beyond. Measure.

Your babies are so precious to me. I hope that you know that I pray over every single tiny one that I hold in my arms, that I pray over every beautiful pregnant belly that I capture. I have shared so many sweet moments with so many of my clients and their growing families. I have shared such profound sadness with the families that I have served through NIMLDTS. You all are just so dear and precious to me.

Saying “thank you” just doesn’t seem enough. 

As a new year is close enough to touch, my wish is for more of the precious same. I photographed 119 newborns last year. 27 new mommas. I would love to see my business grow even more and I have some exciting new plans that I can’t wait to see come to fruition, but mostly, I wish to be lucky enough to just do the same next year.

I am truly living my wildest dreams and it’s thanks to every family who has reached out to me with the words “I am expecting and would like information about a session.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!



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