Merry Christmas! {Fredericksburg VA Newborn photographer}

Merry Christmas from my “little” family!
Say what?? šŸ™‚

As many of my clients and friends know, my family is adopting from Ethiopia and today is their Christmas. In fact, most Orthodox Christians in the world celebrate Christmas today, January 7th, as opposed to December 25th. We, obviously, celebrate with the rest of America in December but decided that from now on we will recognize both days and try to do something special.

web _MG_5057.png

For our American Christmas I tried my hand at Ethiopian cooking. I am an excellent cook, but the amazing thing about Ethiopian cuisine is how relative it is to the region, the family, the history and of course, the cook themselves. Trying to replicate that from my Virginia kitchen is quite the feat! We were happy with how our efforts turned out, though, with the exception of our injera, the spongy bread used to soak up all of the spicy goodness from our Doro Wat (chicken stew served on special occasions).

web _MG_5061web _MG_5045

The adoption is a LONG process so I have plenty of time to practice. Our tasted like mold. NOT good! hahahaha


For today I drove to Enat Ethiopian restaurant in Alexandria for an authentic celebratory meal. While I very much enjoyed cooking on Christmas day… it is nice to enjoy a meal that someone else prepared šŸ™‚

*The doll in the picture is used by us as a place holder for our little one. While we choose activities to honor her, we snap photos with her doll. When we meet her for the first time, we will give her a book of all of these photos and her dolly. We want her to see that she was such a beloved part of our family long before she came home!

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