In the year… {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}


In the year since my last head shot was taken, we had another baby. Like… if today’s Stephanie told last January’s Stephanie that she would be meeting a new little love of her own before the calendar flipped, she would have told today’s Stephanie to get the heck out. After a five year void when we truly thought that we were finished as a family of seven, to our little ginger haired tyrant, to saying “yes” to adoption, well… we thought that perhaps that was the period on the sentence of our family. What a sweet gift and joy our little bundle has been. I think that every day of his life I have said out loud “I canNOT believe this baby! He is the sweetest thing I have ever seen! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO US!”

The thing about babies is they change you. I think sometimes we only see what changes in ways that we don’t love… like our tummies or the bags under our eyes or can we talk about those weird wispy hairs that break off and leave you looking frazzled even after you have coiffed to within an inch of your life?  As a photographer, though, I see the changes that are subtle and amazing. There is no glow like the new mom glow. There is a sparkle in her eyes. The joy just overflows. There is a vulnerability born of overwhelming love for this creature. I think that new moms are the absolute most beautiful women in the world.


So, it was time for an updated head shot. I had a whole thing planned, an update to a photo that I took last year, but decided to go with my love of the new mom look instead. As a mom to seven, I have learned to appreciate all that the job description entails, even the laugh lines and grey hair and weary worn out-ness of being up all night. It’s such a beautiful and blessed job!

My daughter captured it and I must say… I think the gene has passed from my grandfather to me to her. She is pretty swell with the camera. Which is good because she isn’t always swell in front of it… 🙂


Also… my baby heard that they call me the “baby whisperer” and he was not keen on the idea that he has to share me. Oh, Eli!


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