Mommy & Me Dress up {Fredericksburg VA newborn photographer}

My husband was recently across the country for an extended business trip and we found ourselves with a weekend with an empty calendar. Like… WHOA. That never happens. Saturday found us crafting and movie watching and enjoying each other’s company but Sunday found us a little stir crazy. My littlest girl had been requesting some girl time and my nine year old son is always interested in my business, so we set up a photo shoot where he could be the photographer and we could be the subjects. SO. Much. Fun.


It is so important to do things like this with our kids. So often as mommas we dedicate ourselves to telling the stories but we often forget that we are part of the stories. Get in the photos! You don’t need a fancy studio, either. These are taken in front of our glass storm door.


I don’t know if the best part was how special my little girl felt, in our matching tutus and getting to wear mom’s signature red lipstick, or how special my son felt getting to handle my camera and share the talent with mom. Whatever you do well, share it with your kids! I am so glad that I did, I will treasure these images forever, as well as the memories of that afternoon we spent creating them.48.png


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